Drew O'Connell

Personal Trainer


  1. Molly T
    Molly T
    "It was d-day for me- I was having chest pains, I was overweight and had been for years and I was about to embark on my new career path of doing body work and healing work with my clients full time. I asked myself, how could I expect to help others heal when I was in need of so much healing and my body was definitely out of shape? I called Drew and through his support, guidance and gentle perseverance the process began…he shared his extensive knowledge with regard to the body and how it works… his intuitive knowing to help me where I was at, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. This was an invaluable support to my personal process. He encouraged me regularly and was as thrilled at my progress as I have been. Now 75 pounds lighter and very actively pursuing my life’s passion I am very grateful to this wonderful person for his guidance and support. When you are ready to change your life, Drew is a great person to turn to!".
  2. TRACEY T.
    I am an avid runner who competes regularly in 5K, 10K, and half marathon races. I work out with Drew an hour a week and over the last several months I have seen results both physically and in my running ability. Since training with him I have run the best race of my life, lost weight, and toned. The best part is his workouts are fun but challenging, and cause you to push yourself to the max! Drew motivates his clients through an individualized exercise regime and ensures they are properly performing each exercise. Just when you think he has run out of ideas to push you, he comes in with more and makes you look forward to your next workout.
  3. Carol C
    Carol C
    ST. PAUL, MN
    Working with Drew has been absolutely amazing. I have gone from feeling embarrassed, critical and self conscious of my body(literally wanting to hide it), to loving it, appreciating, and realizing all it is capable of! I feel younger, healthier and stronger than ever! My attitude toward exercise has completely changed. Even though I knew how good it felt after a workout, I still managed to find excuses to put it off. Now I simply CRAVE it! I am very excited to work toward my goal of running the TwinCities-10M race this coming spring, alongside my 29 year old son, other family members and friends! Drew gives an entirely new meaning to Personal Trainer. His genuine desire for my total well-being and reaching of my short and long term fitness goals is remarkable. He has taught me to believe in myself with his very unique, personal approach and ability to listen, understand and encourage. Drew’s wealth of knowledge, fabulous workouts, contagious positive outlook, and ability to motivate have been instrumental to my success on so many levels. Once, in reference to a cardio workout, I said to Drew, “You don’t mess around, do you?!?” His split-second(serious)response was, “No. I don’t.” We laughed, but I knew at that moment that he wasn’t kidding at all. He firmly believes that with persistent action(NOW)you can achieve the results you want. Drew’s 365 Program is the only New Year’s(or life)Resolution you will ever need, not to mention the best investment you will ever make in your health and well-being. This truly is, one of the best gifts you can give yourself! I am extremely grateful to Drew, and so intrigued by all the possibilities that lie ahead!
  4. Cara C
    Cara C
    Thank you!…Your work is changing people’s lives; it sure has changed my life. I lost 50 pounds in 4 months! You have a gift, a God given gift to relate to all types of people, understand their personalities, see their strengths and weaknesses and design a plan to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. You have a true professional manner and laser like focus and with my devotion to my family and career I could not have accomplished theseincredible results without you…you have given me that extra boost in self-confidence…your efforts have had far reaching effects in my life as well as my family and for that I again say THANK YOU!!
  5. MARK V.
    MARK V.
    Drew, your workout and meal plans have truly made a difference for me. I look forward to my continued success. I was always physically active. Whether it was the softball league at work, running, or the curling club – don’t laugh, the sweeping takes a lot of you – I was unconsciously keeping myself in good shape. As I grew a little older – and even today I am a young 39 – I found myself putting these activities off to the side as the promotions presented me with more work, my travel increased, and my family came into the picture. The workouts and on more occasions that I would like to admit the smart eating was left behind as I focused more attention on everything and everyone else. I knew that I needed something to put me back on track but could not afford to spend hours every day doing it or change my lifestyle in a dramatic fashion. The idea of a gym membership was equivalent to flushing my money down the toilet. Drew though offered the perfect solution. I did not need to purchase a gym membership or any expensive equipment. He tailored the workouts to fit my busy life schedule so that I can perform them if I am at home or in a hotel room on the road. In less than an hour each day I get in an incredible workout and do not feel that I am neglecting the most important part of my life – my family. And the meal plan helped me to focus what was for the most part a healthy but inconsistent diet. And like the workout plans, I am not forced to buy items I would not normally purchase or go to some exotic health food mart. Instead I can continue to eat “normal” foods but with moderation and a more conscious understanding of the calories and fat content. It has been a couple of months now and the results have been impressive. I have shed some unnecessary weight (10 pounds and counting), have trimmed down the “love handles”, eat a more healthy diet, and workout – all without having to make any dramatic changes in my life. Simply put, if you want to start or relearn how to eat well and stay in shape without turning your world upside down then Drew is the trainer for you.
    The day I met Drew O'Connell I weighed 297lbs! His no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise helped me regain control of my body and mind. After a few months of clean-eating and intense workouts, I dropped over 50 lbs. And I have kept it off for years. Drew is a bad-ass in the world of health and fitness.